Field Trips

Currently, all field trips have been suspended due to COVID restrictions. 

4th graders tour Sacramento and San Francisco. 

5th and 6th graders attend camp at Pali Institute in Redding, CA. Pali Institute is a WASC and AEE accredited Outdoor Education camp. The staff provides 24/7 supervision and instruction. All instructors have bachelor’s degrees with a variety of science and teaching credentials. The students will participate in four different areas of learning and fun including:

  • Outdoor Education: Students are out of the classroom and learning in a natural environment, where they will learn by exploring trails, shooting arrows, building shelters, and more.
  • Science: Students have the chance to learn through a variety of scientific disciplines. Available to us are activities like a rocket launching, squid dissection, weather experiments, and crime scene investigation!
  • Leadership: The students will participate in various outdoor team building activities where they will “forge strong friendships, learn mutual respect, appreciate diversity, and deal with peer pressure.”
  • Night Activities: We are given the opportunity to engage in additional learning activities such as astronomy and “Pali Jeopardy”, as well as fun activities such as night games and music.
  • Attending Science Camp is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn more about the world around them, to gain leadership and communication skills, and to create long-lasting memories with their friends.

7th graders attend science camp in Catalina. 

8th graders tour Washington D.C. and New York.