Athletics Philosophy

It is Loving Savior’s philosophy that involvement in athletics is a privilege. It is one way in which to learn more about God and the many abilities and talents He blesses us with. In order to participate, students must meet certain standards outlined within the Loving Savior Sports Participation Agreement. Loving Savior promotes a Christ-like atmosphere that encourages the following:

Sportsmanship: Athletes are asked to enjoy the sports that they participate in, and are expected to show proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with their competitors.

Skill Building: Athletes are expected to be teachable. They must have a desire to get better and improve, not only in sports, but also in academics.

Competitive Greatness: Athletes are expected to perform at their best and play hard at all times, within the confines of the rules. It is Loving Savior’s intention to win within the confines of good sportsmanship. Loving Savior does not intend to win at any cost, but with the best team that can be put on the field/court. This is intended to prepare our athletes for the competitive environment they will experience in high school, college, and beyond.  It is Loving Savior’s belief that a competitive spirit drives students to reach their full potential in all aspects of life. It is Loving Savior’s belief that it is okay to lose, because it will push our athletes to work harder.

Cooperation: Athletes, coaches, and parents are expected to have concern for what is right, rather than who is right. This attitude brings about a sense of doing what is best for the team and the school at large. It is Loving Savior’s intention to, at all times, respect officials, and members of opposing teams.