Loving Savior School is a Kindergarten through Eighth Grade Elementary school which began in
1996 with two classrooms and 31 students. The original school was situated in two portable
buildings until a permanent structure was built in 2001. In 2003, the school graduated their first
eighth grade class. By 2002, the school had grown to 198 students in Kindergarten through
Eighth Grade. The school is a part of the total ministry of Loving Savior of the Hills Lutheran
Church which is affiliated with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

Chino Hills is located within San Bernardino County, about 32 miles east of Los Angeles, 35
miles west of San Bernardino, and 21 miles northeast of Anaheim. An affluent San Bernardino
suburb which is largely residential, Chino Hills is bordered by Pomona to the north, Chino to the
east, and Yorba Linda to the south. Major California state highways near Chino Hills are the 57,
60, 71, and 91. Incorporated in 1991, the city has seen the population nearly triple in size and
housing development is rapidly overtaking the area.

Chino Hills has seen significant change over the last fifteen years and is continuing to show
population growth along with many new businesses moving in the area. In May 2008, the
“Shoppes of Chino Hills,” a new outside mall employing over 3,000 people, opened for business.
This increased employment enhanced the overall economic growth of the community. The city is
known for its high quality of life and beautiful rural atmosphere. With a growing population
currently at 80,676 as of January 2017, the city enjoys 3,000 acres of publicly-owned open
space, 37 parks, and 38 miles of trails. With the rolling hills and wide open spaces, joggers are
seen regularly running along various roads both individually and as group runners. In the
January 2012 issue of Money magazine, Chino Hills was highlighted as the 34 th in the 100 best
places to live in America and was ranked 4 th on the list of the “safest places in the West with a
population under 100,000.” Dr. John Husing, an expert on economics of Southern California’s
Inland Empire, considers Chino Hills as “one of Southern California’s best kept secrets.”

Loving Savior of the Hills Lutheran School has seen considerable growth since its beginning
which reflects the increased population within Chino Hills. Loving Savior took a significant step
in faith beginning the school in 1996, and it appears to have a continued need to move forward
with additional buildings and school programs. Currently, Loving Savior has four buildings
primarily housing classrooms, computer/library lab, a kitchen, and school office. There are 16
classrooms and a multi-purpose room. In addition, there are two athletic fields used for sports,
P.E., and recess time. A basketball court with two full- sized courts is located behind the school.
The basketball court is also used for volleyball games. Our facility has three lunch areas that are
appropriately sheltered with permanent covers. In addition, Loving Savior has a new playground
with swings, a jungle gym, and other play equipment. Lastly, our facility will be equipped with
surveillance equipment throughout the campus that will have recording and monitoring
capabilities to ensure the safety of our children.

With an initial enrollment of 31 students in two classes, Loving Savior has experienced great
growth over a very short period of time. The close proximity of the school to the residential
community and the relative age of the families in the area have prompted growth within the
school. The school year 2018-2019 began with 305 students and has stayed steady enrollment
over the past 8 years.